Elizabeth's Story


She tells herself she's in control and has what she wants...

...but she’s trapped in her successful position at one of the most prestigious law firms in Washington, DC. While paying her dues working long hours, a medical emergency forces her to take time away, and Elizabeth Wiltshire is drawn to the Camino de Santiago, an ancient pilgrim trail in Spain. Though she sets out to conquer “The Way” as an adventure trek, the Camino’s physical challenge reveals she is not as invincible as she thought.

The people she meets teach her how to break free from expectations rooted in a painful past and change her life for the better. Father Bill, the unconventional Irish priest, Miriam, the Dutch hostess of a rural hostel with a heart to help, Andrés, a Spanish stranger who rescues her at a time of desperate need, and others help her face the abandonment and unforgiveness in her past and find her true calling. Will she return to the busyness and distractions of her old life, or will she embrace the unconditional love she rediscovers? 

In her first work of fiction, Ms. Van Wagenen takes us on Elizabeth’s journey: a busy but empty life focused on getting ahead to the discovery of hope and the value of community on the Camino de Santiago. 

Hilary Van Wagenen

Hilary is an adventurer who enjoys reading stories with interesting characters, and has now turned her hand to writing them. She loves playing and listening to many styles of music, hanging out with friends and family cooking and eating delicious food, and tromping through the woods on muddy trails. Hilary resides in Washington, DC area with her husband Tom, son Peter, and two dogs, Hamish and Violet. Inquiries about the author may be made to Info@CaminoProvisions.com.