If Not Now, When?

Mid-May on the Camino Francés.

Mid-May on the Camino Francés.

Someone once asked a man in his nineties why he was setting out to begin a study of Latin. The man replied, "If not now, when?" Is 2017 the year for your walk on the Camino? If not now, when?

Ringing in the New Year usually means that we take time to think about our goals or bucket lists, and make plans accordingly. It is not too soon to begin the planning process of a walk on the Camino, and we want to help. Get started by reading what we offer on the Camino Provisions website, and when you are ready for more, put your name on our mailing list and get your free copy of the Camino de Santiago TOP TEN TIPS, and our weekly blogs. Our Guidebook, Camino de Santiago Guide to Preparing Well & Saving Money is quickly becoming the most popular source of helpful information to plan and complete your Camino, with lots of money-saving tips to begin now.

How about sitting down with a trusted friend over a cup of coffee or a beer this week to talk it over. Rather than making resolutions, think in terms of what things you want to discover, embrace, become, give. Our Camino Provisions team have realized that the experiences and relationships gained from walking the Camino de Santiago are more valuable and precious to us than any material item.

Dream it. Plan it. Walk it in 2017.