Top Camino Travel Tips

Madrid's beautiful Barajas airport is the most popular point of entry for non-EU travelers.

Madrid's beautiful Barajas airport is the most popular point of entry for non-EU travelers.

It's not too soon to start lining up your travel plans for your 2017 Camino, and we are here to help. Read on for our top five tips, and go grab your free copy of Camino de Santiago TOP TEN TIPS by signing up to receive our weekly mailing.

Tip #1 Benefit from Free Airfare This is our biggest money-saving tip, and the one that has saved our team literally $1000s on our flights to Spain. The cost of your airfare is usually the biggest single expense of your Camino for those of us coming from the West, so why not “pay” for your airfare with frequent flyer miles? You say you don’t have the tens of thousands of miles in your account to buy a ticket? It can be very easy to put miles into your account without actually buying miles or flying. Totally legal. Not difficult to do. Our team members and friends have done this. We used miles to pay for our airfare, and only had to pay the fuel surcharge and tax. It saved us $1200 per ticket to Spain in 2015.

Our Camino de Santiago Guide to Preparing Well and Saving Money spells out the step-by-step process of how to save this way. All you pay is $9.99 for the e-book, and there is even more value beyond the money-saving advice advice!


Flights Open for Booking 330 Days Out Decide on the date you want to travel. (Read all our free TOP TEN TIPS before doing that.) Following industry protocol, airlines first open up tickets for your travel date 330 days before the flight date, and this is your best chance at getting cheap ticket prices, or using frequent flyer miles to get a ticket for a seat. We don’t know why this is so, but it is one of those airline mysteries we don’t feel a need to unravel. Use this tip whether you pay with cash or miles to have the most choice.


Good Prices Six Weeks Out If you don’t have as much lead time to plan your trip as mentioned above, then your next best chance at good prices is six weeks out from your travel date. Ticket prices begin dropping as airlines become eager to fill as many seats as possible for their flights.


Flights Are Cheaper on Tuesdays or Wednesdays If you can be flexible about your fly dates, check out ticket prices on these two days of the week. We have found significant savings by flexing to fly on these less busy days for air travel.


Save Money by Traveling During the “Shoulder Seasons” What are the shoulder seasons? The calendar dates before and after the busiest “high season” will have significantly lower ticket prices in general. For your Camino trip, compare shoulder season ticket prices (April/May or September/October) with the peak of summer (June through August). We have always found the shoulder season prices to be hundreds of dollars lower. “Low season” prices should be even cheaper (November-March for the Camino).