The Wise Still Seek Him


We can hardly believe January 6th has come and gone for 2018. The holiday known as Kings Day or Epiphany commemorates the visitation by wise men, or kings in the story of Jesus. I reflected on this as I was un-decorating our Christmas tree this year. These regal visitors who had traveled so far, seeking, finding, and worshiping Jesus, were pilgrims, peregrinos


Our Santiago scallop shell hung on our tree this year next to a simple olive wood Nativity cutout bought on one of our visits to Bethlehem. The placement on the tree made me think of how many similarities there are between the magi who set out to find the person whose star they saw rise, and present day pilgrims who set out on the Camino.


Tradition says there were three kings, based on the mention of three specific gifts they brought to offer this newborn king they honored. Men of this stature probably would have had a sizable military escort for protection, a caravan of cargo, and servants to help with a journey of this nature and unknown duration. These magi traveled for a long time, but they found the One they sought.


Today pilgrims come to the Camino from all over the world. The prayer of our hearts for this year is that every person who walks for any amount of time on the Camino will encounter Jesus, just like those magi did. Follow the path. Ask God to reveal himself to you. It’s a prayer he delights in answering.


Whether you are reading about the Camino de Santiago for the first time, or have been dreaming about it for years, we want to help you get there. Our website has loads of free information and entertaining blogs to get you started with your plans. If you can’t find the information you want, email us at:


Share this posting with a friend you might want as a walking partner. Or maybe you will decide to walk solo, and meet new friends as you go. There are many ways to be a pilgrim, and they all begin with a decision to walk the Camino.

Wick and Helen Van Wagenen first walked the Camino in 2007, and God has used every part of their experience to shape their lives since then. They are grateful for the opportunities to make many more trips to research routes, test gear, and volunteer along The Way. The Van Wagenens and their family and teammates continue making new trips, and enjoy helping others make the trip of a lifetime. You can contact them at