Reach Your Full Potential


What would it be like to live each day at your full potential? To know what your true purpose in life is? To live each day with God-given confidence?

Spending the best part of each day walking through vineyards, farmland, and cities having conversations with God is one of the reasons people unplug from their normal life routines to walk the Camino de Santiago. 

We have walked different sections and routes since 2007, and can say that our time spent listening to God on the Camino has deepened our understanding of who God made us and what he made us for. We know him and his love in new ways, and learned to trust him for our daily needs. 

What is true for anyone anywhere is that if you want to know God or yourself better, just ask him. Set aside everything that gets in the way of you becoming you. You can do that by taking some time each day to get alone and let your heart open up to what God wants to tell you. 

If you can take the time away and walk the Camino, we hope you will. It was a BIG jumpstart for our journeys with God, and we are glad to help you.


Wick and Helen Van Wagenen first walked the Camino in 2007, and God has used every part of their experience to shape their lives since then. They are grateful for the opportunities to make many more trips to research routes, test gear, and volunteer along The Way. The Van Wagenens and their family and teammates continue walking the Camino, and enjoy helping others make the trip of a lifetime. You can contact them at