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NEW 2.0 Edition of Our Guidebook Is Here!!

Only about half of the peregrinos (pilgrims) who begin in St. Jean Pied-de-Port actually complete their walk to Santiago. I was one of those who didn’t make it on my first attempt in 2007 due to a stress fracture in my foot, which could have been avoided had I known then what I know now. All of the info I wish I had before my first Camino is in this book.

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Who Walks the Camino?

You don’t have to be Catholic or any kind of Jesus-follower to walk the Camino, and we hope no one along the way will ever condemn any person for walking for any reason. The process of unplugging from your regular schedule of life back home makes space for God to meet you on the Camino, whether that is your intention or not. Setting aside everything familiar and comfortable for a time makes space for something else.

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Orisson or Roncesvalles on Day One?

Crossing the Pyrenees is one of the most challenging physical activities pilgrims undertake, and even if you have trained at home most people we talk to agree that nothing can really prepare you for the first few days of walking the Camino. It is a stunning statistic that over 50% of those who register as pilgrims in St. Jean have to give up before they finish, because of injury.

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