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Who Walks the Camino?

You don’t have to be Catholic or any kind of Jesus-follower to walk the Camino, and we hope no one along the way will ever condemn any person for walking for any reason. The process of unplugging from your regular schedule of life back home makes space for God to meet you on the Camino, whether that is your intention or not. Setting aside everything familiar and comfortable for a time makes space for something else.

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Friends from Far-off Places

Pilgrims from other countries and cultures will broaden your mind to see perspectives outside your home in a way that reading foreign news cannot. Your new friends will have political, religious, and other opinions that differ drastically from your own because of where and how each of you grew up, but you will have much more in common, especially the experience of the Camino. Putting a friend's face on often-impersonal blocs of cultures, groups, and countries will change the way you read the news indeed. More than that, though, it will give you a network of friends throughout the world, and that is wealth without price.

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