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Information for savvy Pilgrims


Savvy pilgrims come here for the most up-to-date list of resources to make plans, or to use as a handy reference when they are in Spain. 

Waymark & prayer cairn near Zubiri

Waymark & prayer cairn near Zubiri

A Few of Our Favorite Camino Websites — That's us! Distilled information and wisdom from seasoned pilgrims; trustworthy advice and pilgrim resources. Excellent Guidebook. News and encouragement on Camino Provisions FaceBook and Instagram. — source for free Pilgrim Credential, donations appreciated, membership optional; “APOC” is the nickname for this group; “fostering the enduring tradition of the Camino”; membership in the group is optional, but appreciated. — the Canadian counterpart to APOC; helping Canadian pilgrims; credenciales — The Confraternity of St. James, South Africa; “main aim is to assist South African pilgrims who wish to make a pilgrimage”; credenciales — The Catedral de Santiago official website; everything you want to know about the Catedral offered in several languages — The Pilgrim’s Office in Santiago is where arriving peregrinos go to register the completion of their journey and receive their Compostela; The office has just moved into a beautiful new facility in medieval Santiago at Rúa Carretas, 33. — An excellent website full of reliable information about Santiago; formatted in an easy-to-read layout; Pilgrim House has opened its doors on Rua Nova 19, a few yards from the great Catedral. The good people at Pilgrim House offer a complimentary gathering place for pilgrims with comfortable seating, laundry services, clean bathrooms, and a friendly atmosphere to meet your friends, print boarding passes, and fix a cup of tea. Seasoned peregrinos are on duty to help incoming peregrinos orient themselves and process their experiences in addition to giving the practical help already mentioned. — The Confraternity of St. James, England is a fraternity of former pilgrims “interested in the medieval pilgrim routes through Spain and France to the shrine of St James at Santiago de Compostela, and in the associated rich heritage of art, architecture, history, music and faith”; a source for much historical and cultural info on Spain, as well as guidebooks and credenciales — The Santiago tourism office has an inclusive, and beautiful website with information for all tourists, including peregrinos. Find out everything about Santiago a visitor might want to know. The central tourist office is located at Rua do Vilar, 63 in old town. The auto translation from Spanish to English is sometimes difficult. — The Galician Tourism office has a website geared to the pilgrim tourist, but you might et frustrated trying to sort the information presented there. Good map of Camino routes. This site also uses an auto-translation from Gallego or Spanish to English, so it can sometimes frustrate English speakers.

General Travel Tips -- Great tips for international travel and more tips for “travel hacking” from an experienced young couple.



Favorite Forums and Groups

The information in active pilgrim forums can be overwhelming, but it can also be valuable if you are willing to dig. Data overload is one of our consistent responses to postings on the FB pages and forums, but they can be helpful. Here are a couple of our favorites.

FaceBook APOC page: If you have a FaceBook account, search for APOC for a wealth of postings from peregrinos past and present.— The Camino de Santiago Forum; Santiago resident Ivar Rekve manages this site, including many topics of interest to pilgrims; Ivar also posts regularly on his FaceBook account called Camino de Santiago Forum.

Favorite Apps

More Camino related apps are popping up every day, and our team will continue to review them as we learn about them. We will list among our favorites only the ones that we have tried and found helpful.

Private albergue in St Jean Pied de Port

Private albergue in St Jean Pied de Port, the app—Discover how to get anywhere by plane, train, bus, ferry or automobile; download the app and use it to chart your itinerary, or changes in your plan while there; links to bus, train sites, the app—Online resource for searching for and booking accommodations; download this app onto your smart phone and use it along the Camino as needed, the app—Online resource for room, apartment and home rentals through local hosts; create an account and download the app if you want to use this type of lodging service

Google Translate app—Online free downloadable translation app that allows you to handwrite, type or speak a word of phrase to have it translated into Spanish (or more than 90 other languages), or vice versa. Also gives you the ability to snap a photo of text on a sign and have it translated. Very handy for your Camino when you can connect to the internet.

Duolingo app — Free downloadable language interactive instruction program